Outside the Lines

Outside The Lines is a collection of poetry and prose on love, relationships, family, fear, anxiety, death and all of life’s wonderful splendor, which can be found at the below link.

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Gentle breezes blowing by,

Clouds are forming in the sky.

Chimes are playing a melodious tune;

Porch sitting with coffee brewed.

Birds chirp out notes of calling,

Cicadas’ wings give words of warning –

Dragonflies eat on the fly;

Another moment passes by.

Grasses are greener from afternoon rains;

Ponds overflowing, can’t handle the strain.

Flowers in bloom – the fragrant air is sweet;

Tree branches swaying, they play their own beat.

Rocking here gently in my chair,

Feeling the energies here and there –

God’s wonderful creations for all to see;

Enjoying all that surrounds me.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

Photo courtesy of Google images


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The light of the Moon;

She calls to me –

Her draw of energy,

Makes it difficult to sleep.

Through windows peeking;

Illuminating the sky so bright and full –

Her beauty floats softly;

Drawn eye-lids feel the pull.

If you ever ponder

Lifes’ nuisances and why,

Instead of feeling down and out –

Take a gander at the sky!

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

Photo courtesy of Bob Picinich


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© 2016 Nature’s Bountiful Poems

Black smoke is rising –
Setting of the sun.
Flames raising higher,
No song to be sung.

Crackling and splintering,
Layer by layer undone .
Once more the flames are rising –
From the ashes, we rise, as one.

Spitting and sputtering,
Flames licking at our heels –
Rising even higher,
All seems too surreal.

Serenity I am feeling,
Pain is now remiss.
All due to the ashes,
And the flames’ little kiss.

Stars are a little brighter,
Moon shadows now at bay –
Fight or flight decision,
Either one must be made.

Parallel keep walking,
Timing will show through –
Patterns swirling in the smoke,
Colors decision true.

Red smoke is rising,
Flame to setting sun.
Moonlight shines upon the shadows –
As the phoenix rises, a new day has begun.


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Lovers lost their golden times, Circumstances wrought; Higher life now given one – Nary to be sought. Wretched heart, time after time – Love always to be bought; While others no longer pass the line – Shady plays on until gets caught. Karma soon cometh on – Life lessons to be taught. Run away if ye will; No hiding from the cloth.

2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino


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Looking into the mirror; metal with a piece of spun glass, Images swim by before me; Looking forward and looking past.

My heart it gives a flutter; the tides are turning fast, long reach from one to another; images are gone at last.c8db3cb1c96b055865cee48197d08b4b

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The shadows have fallen once again,
The curtain calls have come.
No more the smiling faces seen;
No shine of setting suns.

Secluded from self and others,
Hermitous do become.
Karma's fog to roll around;
Trusting naught and no one.

The paths are now obscure,
Sentiments to be left behind.
Walking along the immortal shore;
Barren wasteland set in time.


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