I know the truth,
I’ve seen it all along
Now the time has come
For me to be strong

The words have been said
The images I’ve seen
Reality has stricken
No longer my dream

I feel the whirlwind
I see the so-called friends
The clock has stopped ticking
Nothing left to mend

Your game is now over
No one has won
The lies, tricks, and deceptions
Can not be undone

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartinoFB_IMG_1533122049001

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I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, doll
It’s been awhile
Picking up the pen

Your muse is tired
Others life lessons churning
A bit broken

Passage of time
Ceremonial restraints
Past misfortune

Serenity deprived
Morality scammed
Broken open

Exercising faith
Leasing outer shell
Fleetingly spoken

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartino

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Pardoned action; heavy weight,

Repeated process; flashpoint creates.

Carouseled; coercive plan,

Covert controlling; crumbles sand.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartinosand-pours-fingers-young-girl-beach-hot-summer-day-left-falling-sunlight-selective-focus-image-67237537

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Lord’s Light

Surround Me Lord with your light

Help protect me within this night

On this day and in future hours

Please fill me with loves’ light powers

As you are so I too shall be;

Help me to show the world your beauty

As I stand here I asked this of thee

As you will so mote it bewhite-light-protection

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Narrow Minds

Narrow minds
Two sides; stones thrown
Each closed to other
Seeds of hatred sown

One life for another
Choices blown
Nary thought to feel
Turbidity’s home

Passive plans
Objectivity flown
Freezed stagnant
Totality shown

Vehement words
Corrupts to clone
Abhorrent putrification
Gently sets the stone.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

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Past Revisited

Past Revisited

Past revisited once again
Hoping for others’ lives to mend
Ships sail on, broken, sails frayed
Frothy backwash is what remains
Sadly seen are the facts
One to another responsibility lacks
Power struggles continue on
Same ‘ole vicious cycle trod upon
Each adult, the game in play
Unbeknownst, young’uns pay
Generations names are lost
Is it really worth the cost?
Ashes where others slept
Goals unattained, mind bereft
Borrowed lies still today
Demons never slain
Waiting to see the mighty fall
Wrecked and battered, pray for all.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino




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Outside the Lines

Outside The Lines is a collection of poetry and prose on love, relationships, family, fear, anxiety, death and all of life’s wonderful splendor, which can be found at the below link.

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