Taken Too Early

Witch cryingTaken Too Early
My tears flow quietly
I sit here to pray
Your soul was taken too early
God will show you the way
My mind betwixt
Memories abound
Caught between love and hate
God’s solace surrounds
Prayers to seek
Prayers do save
Prayers to forgive
God spake it this way
Forgive my hate
Fortify my heart
Boost of spirit
God only to impart
2017 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino
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Do you see the cherub’s wings
Highlighted by the moon?
All of the signs are showing us,
Humanity must change their ways real soon.
Childlike innocence again to be;
Save our souls for all eternity.

©2017 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino
Picture was taken with my phone during the solar eclipse. This is only one of many taken.20170821_145351

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Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky

Wish my life was way on high,
Just like that castle in the sky.
The burning bridges still remain,
While the clouds swirl away the pain.
Princess, not….’fore I am me;
The world has closed down, as you well can see.
The ship is sailing away to sea,
My memories fade in to that stream.
Time to form my own tribe,
To become one with that castle in the sky.

2017 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino


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Moonlit Night


Moonlit Night

With the coming of the fullest moon, I shall dance to it’s tune; The changes we seek, we shall find, For one and all in this time; Make merry and dance, giving thanks unto God, Being one able to reap from the path that I plod; Serenading are the crickets, the bugs give us light, leading us to Him on this wonderful moonlit night.

Copyright 2017 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

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Blown Away

5f08af01dca0dd59434a676bae93b24c--black-smoke-dark-photographyMy emotions, a tangled web of memory’s plosion; Blown away like the leaves on an Autumn day……

©2017 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino


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Journey’s End

Journey’s End
Dedicated to Wayne Hayden and Nick Bradov; May they both rest in peace

Although I may never physically see your face again,
I will always remember the good times and when.

When I need consoling, I will look back to see,
The fun that we had, in each memory.

These tears need to be cried for sorrow to abate,
The flow grandstanding before it efface.

Knowing that this is better for you,
Is the only way I make it through.

Peace through love to you my friend,
May our Father greet and keep you now that your journey’s end.

©2017 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

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The Game

The Game
Written by Dawn Marie DiMartino

“Time heals all wounds”-
So they say.
When the phrase was used
I wonder which game was being played.

Was it the game of love?
Or the game of death?
Was it the game of life?
Or a game not played yet?

The games come full circle –
No matter which one is played.
The games are timeless –
No matter when they were made.

Each one of us,
Is playing a game now.
Do not bother
Trying to figure out how.

The game of life
Is the game that we play.
Life through death,
The roads of our making we lay.

Circle around they will,
Until learned are we.
Death is our last stop,
Once we have our key.

The key is the prize
Of the life game we play,
The key is the end of the journey
For all to be craved.

The game has come full circle,
As all games do.
Which roads will you travel,
Before your journey is through?

Which key will you choose?

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