Narrow Minds

Narrow minds
Two sides; stones thrown
Each closed to other
Seeds of hatred sown

One life for another
Choices blown
Nary thought to feel
Turbidity’s home

Passive plans
Objectivity flown
Freezed stagnant
Totality shown

Vehement words
Corrupts to clone
Abhorrent putrification
Gently sets the stone.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

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Past Revisited

Past Revisited

Past revisited once again
Hoping for others’ lives to mend
Ships sail on, broken, sails frayed
Frothy backwash is what remains
Sadly seen are the facts
One to another responsibility lacks
Power struggles continue on
Same ‘ole vicious cycle trod upon
Each adult, the game in play
Unbeknownst, young’uns pay
Generations names are lost
Is it really worth the cost?
Ashes where others slept
Goals unattained, mind bereft
Borrowed lies still today
Demons never slain
Waiting to see the mighty fall
Wrecked and battered, pray for all.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino




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Outside the Lines

Outside The Lines is a collection of poetry and prose on love, relationships, family, fear, anxiety, death and all of life’s wonderful splendor, which can be found at the below link.

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Gentle breezes blowing by,

Clouds are forming in the sky.

Chimes are playing a melodious tune;

Porch sitting with coffee brewed.

Birds chirp out notes of calling,

Cicadas’ wings give words of warning –

Dragonflies eat on the fly;

Another moment passes by.

Grasses are greener from afternoon rains;

Ponds overflowing, can’t handle the strain.

Flowers in bloom – the fragrant air is sweet;

Tree branches swaying, they play their own beat.

Rocking here gently in my chair,

Feeling the energies here and there –

God’s wonderful creations for all to see;

Enjoying all that surrounds me.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

Photo courtesy of Google images


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The light of the Moon;

She calls to me –

Her draw of energy,

Makes it difficult to sleep.

Through windows peeking;

Illuminating the sky so bright and full –

Her beauty floats softly;

Drawn eye-lids feel the pull.

If you ever ponder

Lifes’ nuisances and why,

Instead of feeling down and out –

Take a gander at the sky!

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino

Photo courtesy of Bob Picinich


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© 2016 Nature’s Bountiful Poems

Black smoke is rising –
Setting of the sun.
Flames raising higher,
No song to be sung.

Crackling and splintering,
Layer by layer undone .
Once more the flames are rising –
From the ashes, we rise, as one.

Spitting and sputtering,
Flames licking at our heels –
Rising even higher,
All seems too surreal.

Serenity I am feeling,
Pain is now remiss.
All due to the ashes,
And the flames’ little kiss.

Stars are a little brighter,
Moon shadows now at bay –
Fight or flight decision,
Either one must be made.

Parallel keep walking,
Timing will show through –
Patterns swirling in the smoke,
Colors decision true.

Red smoke is rising,
Flame to setting sun.
Moonlight shines upon the shadows –
As the phoenix rises, a new day has begun.


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Lovers lost their golden times, Circumstances wrought; Higher life now given one – Nary to be sought. Wretched heart, time after time – Love always to be bought; While others no longer pass the line – Shady plays on until gets caught. Karma soon cometh on – Life lessons to be taught. Run away if ye will; No hiding from the cloth.

2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino


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