© 2016 Nature’s Bountiful Poems

Black smoke is rising –
Setting of the sun.
Flames raising higher,
No song to be sung.

Crackling and splintering,
Layer by layer undone .
Once more the flames are rising –
From the ashes, we rise, as one.

Spitting and sputtering,
Flames licking at our heels –
Rising even higher,
All seems too surreal.

Serenity I am feeling,
Pain is now remiss.
All due to the ashes,
And the flames’ little kiss.

Stars are a little brighter,
Moon shadows now at bay –
Fight or flight decision,
Either one must be made.

Parallel keep walking,
Timing will show through –
Patterns swirling in the smoke,
Colors decision true.

Red smoke is rising,
Flame to setting sun.
Moonlight shines upon the shadows –
As the phoenix rises, a new day has begun.


About Dawn Marie DiMartino

I had lived most of my youth in New York, but have been a native of Florida for over 20+ years. I am recently divorced, a mother of 2 adult children and I am a retired analyst. My passion for writing and drawing started at a very early age. I have continued through my adult life taking a pen to hand and compiling my innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions on paper. My writing and drawing keep me in a calming frame of mind when I am putting it all down. Some/Most of my writings can tell you about my personal story. I have published 4 poetry books, 5 children's books, and have been involved in 4 anthologies.
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