Why do you wear a happy face, where others would be sad?

Why do you laugh at things, where others would be mad?

Why do you say rude sage, where others have patience lain?

Why do you perceive such to be against, where others would chalk it up to happenstance?

Why do you see wrong in good deeds done, where others would thankfully praise the run?

Why do you pit each unto one another, where others call each a sister and brother?

Why do you choose to sow hate, where others would love sate?

Why do you use your natural grace for naught, where others utilize theirs with the purpose as taught?

Why do you choose what you choose so very easily, where your choices are harmful to the whole universe around thee?

Why do you choose not to see, where others can severely?

(c) 2017 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino


About Dawn Marie DiMartino

I had lived most of my youth in New York, but have been a native of Florida for over 20+ years. I am recently divorced, a mother of 2 adult children and I am a retired analyst. My passion for writing and drawing started at a very early age. I have continued through my adult life taking a pen to hand and compiling my innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions on paper. My writing and drawing keep me in a calming frame of mind when I am putting it all down. Some/Most of my writings can tell you about my personal story. I have published 4 poetry books, 5 children's books, and have been involved in 4 anthologies.
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