The Game

The Game
Written by Dawn Marie DiMartino

“Time heals all wounds”-
So they say.
When the phrase was used
I wonder which game was being played.

Was it the game of love?
Or the game of death?
Was it the game of life?
Or a game not played yet?

The games come full circle –
No matter which one is played.
The games are timeless –
No matter when they were made.

Each one of us,
Is playing a game now.
Do not bother
Trying to figure out how.

The game of life
Is the game that we play.
Life through death,
The roads of our making we lay.

Circle around they will,
Until learned are we.
Death is our last stop,
Once we have our key.

The key is the prize
Of the life game we play,
The key is the end of the journey
For all to be craved.

The game has come full circle,
As all games do.
Which roads will you travel,
Before your journey is through?

Which key will you choose?

About Dawn Marie DiMartino

I had lived most of my youth in New York, but have been a native of Florida for over 20+ years. I am recently divorced, a mother of 2 adult children and I am a retired analyst. My passion for writing and drawing started at a very early age. I have continued through my adult life taking a pen to hand and compiling my innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions on paper. My writing and drawing keep me in a calming frame of mind when I am putting it all down. Some/Most of my writings can tell you about my personal story. I have published 4 poetry books, 5 children's books, and have been involved in 4 anthologies.
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