New Book

Ladies and gentlemen, my latest Children’s book titled, ‘Furry and Not So Furry Things’. It’s available in paperback and Kindle Versions.

Hoping that you all have a wonderfilled day!💖


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Douses Flame

Douses Flame

Shallow hearts, their thoughts the same;

Materialism ruled, their turpid game.

Controlling schemes, struggling brew;

Sordid stalk, polluted drool.

Pocketed plateaus, beggars strife –

Sounded bargains, wields the knife.

Cathartic sounding, prevaricator pool;

Abject wave, satirical crew.

Fabricated floundering, faultless frame –

Released grip; douses flame.

©2019 Dawn Marie DiMartinofire__1_.jpg

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Too Soon


Two of my blood, came too soon

In the night, December ruined

One given three, the other five

Time between, sanctity of life

Grieving the losses, no one’s to blame

Tears kept hidden, betrayed by pain

Ephemeral knowledge, eyes to the sky

Powerless to help, heart bled dry

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartino

Photo of my deceased grandbabies born last month.

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Night Turns to Day

Bountiful blossom, inner sight

Sage counsel, datum fight

Passion play, inner desire

Forage through, into fire

Cost of life, pyres do burn

Sound to drown, searingly yearn

Color crowds, tiresome play

Drama carouse, night turns to day.

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartino


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Eagerly I await that which is mine

Promised succor, biding time

Breathing life into hollowed frame

Parlored tricks, hope remains

Saddled trails left behind

Burdens removed along the line

Sordid words regaled as truth

Bitten tongue; withholds proof

Ears to mouths, twisted songs

Darkness to fall for those that play on

Blurring lines, drawing pain

Shall be returned to all playing the game

Promises made here will be kept

The time will come and be fully met

Sorrow sown, you too shall reap

Check yourselves for it shall be.

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartino


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Welcomed quiet, sitting outside

Watching, the clouds roll on by

Air so sweet, rain came down

Moon blanketed, stars in shroud

Lights blink out, time for sleep

Front porch sitting, gently weep

Sickness comes, once again

Sadness starts sinking in

Age and folly, had their day

Time keeps ticking, moments stay

Linger on the things of past

Shattered dreams like broken glass

Sourly bitter, winds of change

Ruined fruits, knotting frame

Plaguing thoughts, another’s dream

Turning tide in mid-stream

Sordid actions, each their part

Lurking, pollutes the heart

Piercing pains, panic sets in

Removing self from within

Surreal night turns into day

Another choice to be made

Cleansing winds blow on by

Setting sights up to the sky.

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartinoh-armstrong-roberts-elderly-farmer-smoking-pipe-sitting-on-rocker-on-front-porch-looking-out-onto-land_a-G-7994891-14258389

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Biker Memories

Biker Memories

Light shines in with wondrous rays;

Heralds the call for the new day.

The roar of the engines heard far and wide,

Makes my heart long for those days that I did ride.

Memories flood in; the wind in my hair,

Don’t miss the bugs that would find themselves there!

A long winding road on a warm summer night,

The stars all around, the moon gives us sight.

A cause or not, for a reason to ride;

A smile from children as you go on by.

The feel of the engine as you kick it in gear;

The freedom of life is all in there.

Missing those days, gratefully sung;

Now to my coffee, a new day begun.

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartinoa4233c3861a97ec7813a1a60cfad8510--women-riding-motorcycles-old-motorcycles

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