Welcomed quiet, sitting outside

Watching, the clouds roll on by

Air so sweet, rain came down

Moon blanketed, stars in shroud

Lights blink out, time for sleep

Front porch sitting, gently weep

Sickness comes, once again

Sadness starts sinking in

Age and folly, had their day

Time keeps ticking, moments stay

Linger on the things of past

Shattered dreams like broken glass

Sourly bitter, winds of change

Ruined fruits, knotting frame

Plaguing thoughts, another’s dream

Turning tide in mid-stream

Sordid actions, each their part

Lurking, pollutes the heart

Piercing pains, panic sets in

Removing self from within

Surreal night turns into day

Another choice to be made

Cleansing winds blow on by

Setting sights up to the sky.

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartinoh-armstrong-roberts-elderly-farmer-smoking-pipe-sitting-on-rocker-on-front-porch-looking-out-onto-land_a-G-7994891-14258389

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Biker Memories

Biker Memories

Light shines in with wondrous rays;

Heralds the call for the new day.

The roar of the engines heard far and wide,

Makes my heart long for those days that I did ride.

Memories flood in; the wind in my hair,

Don’t miss the bugs that would find themselves there!

A long winding road on a warm summer night,

The stars all around, the moon gives us sight.

A cause or not, for a reason to ride;

A smile from children as you go on by.

The feel of the engine as you kick it in gear;

The freedom of life is all in there.

Missing those days, gratefully sung;

Now to my coffee, a new day begun.

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartinoa4233c3861a97ec7813a1a60cfad8510--women-riding-motorcycles-old-motorcycles

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Quote for Today

Love to be had where shadows fall

Does not love make for one and all

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartino


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I know the truth,
I’ve seen it all along
Now the time has come
For me to be strong

The words have been said
The images I’ve seen
Reality has stricken
No longer my dream

I feel the whirlwind
I see the so-called friends
The clock has stopped ticking
Nothing left to mend

Your game is now over
No one has won
The lies, tricks, and deceptions
Can not be undone

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartinoFB_IMG_1533122049001

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I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, doll
It’s been awhile
Picking up the pen

Your muse is tired
Others life lessons churning
A bit broken

Passage of time
Ceremonial restraints
Past misfortune

Serenity deprived
Morality scammed
Broken open

Exercising faith
Leasing outer shell
Fleetingly spoken

©2018 Dawn Marie DiMartino

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Pardoned action; heavy weight,

Repeated process; flashpoint creates.

Carouseled; coercive plan,

Covert controlling; crumbles sand.

©2018 Dawn Marie Paone DiMartinosand-pours-fingers-young-girl-beach-hot-summer-day-left-falling-sunlight-selective-focus-image-67237537

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Lord’s Light

Surround Me Lord with your light

Help protect me within this night

On this day and in future hours

Please fill me with loves’ light powers

As you are so I too shall be;

Help me to show the world your beauty

As I stand here I asked this of thee

As you will so mote it bewhite-light-protection

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